Introducing Flappy Whale, the awesome cousin of Flappy Bird.

As usual, you'll be thrown into a world filled with dangerous pipes, and dangerous floor, and ceiling, and... Anyway, it's dangerous for you! (even though it looks so peaceful)

Your goal? Collect a maximum of golden eggs without dying. Good Luck!

This game was made within 48h, for the Mix and Jam jam. 
Theme : take a 2D or 3D game mechanic, and make it in the other dimension.

Credits :
- Alexandre Vives : GD, Programming, Sound, Particles and The egg!
- Arthur Haye : GD, Programming, Sound and UI.
- Sacha Chouery : GD, LD/Level Build, The Whale (and animation)

Thanks to Poï for his pipes assets.
Thanks to Jalastram, airtone, tuudurt, cabled-mess and littlerobotsoundfactory for their Royalty-free sounds.


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Got my own little egg yaaay ! Time to eat some pipe.